Jerry did an outstanding job. From the first time I contacted him a few weeks ago, until he drove away in his truck. Jerry was very professional. He contacted us the night before to confirm his scheduled appointment. He also called prior to arriving at our home. He did give a quote for his services and was very fair. He explained the procedure at each step, ensuring we understood exactly what was happening as he progressed throughout our home. Jerry was very intricate and careful around our home. The results were awesome!! Jerry was very friendly and I felt as if I had known him for sometime. At the end of the service, he did give me a military discount. I would highly recommend Jerry’s Air Duct Cleaning for all your needs. He did a bang up job!!!

Stephen Corcoran - Silverdale, WA

Our clothes dryer wasn’t working too well, and we learned the problem was with a clogged duct (about 20′ long in the crawlspace). Don evaluated the duct and taped up some leaky joints, then cleaned it thoroughly. The house is 22 years old and he said the duct had probably never been cleaned. We’re lucky we didn’t have a fire. Don was friendly, efficient and extremely helpful. The price was quite reasonable. Couldn’t ask for more.

David H.


David H. from Bainbridge Island Wa.

I used Jerry’s based on their Yelp reviews and the recommendation from my Heating/AC technician, Don from A&M Heating, who I have used for eight years and totally trust. The owner/operator of Jerry’s, Don, was completely professional and knowledgable. He explained each step he was performing and afforded me a before and after inspection of several ducting areas. I highly recommend this company and will be using their services again in the future!!

FB March 2018


Don did a great job cleaning the dryer vent and heating ducts in a house we just bought. We came up with a lot of adjectives that all fit: conscientious, helpful, careful, thorough, friendly, professional, clean, and punctual. (Almost a complete Boy Scout list, although we don’t know if he’s loyal, brave, and reverent.) And the price was reasonable. Highly recommended.

Jim T. from Bainbridge Island, Wa,

I was amazed with Jerry’s service. Jerry returned my call for an estimate immediately. He also called the day before our appointment to confirm. Jerry offers the kind of friendly local service that seems to be harder and harder to come by. The air duct cleaning was quick and thorough. Jerry took the time to show me what he would be removing from the vents. Clean, efficient, and professional.

Corey W. - Bainbridge Island, WA

The ducts had never been cleaned in the 47 year-old history of the house. I recently had a new heating system installed and the duct cleaning was included in the price of installation hence the zero cost. Jerry did a very professional job (spread out tarps, removed his shoes, did not spread any dust, etc.). He asked me to inspect the work upon completion and it was spotless. I have a several hundred yards long gravel driveway that goes over a swamp and up a steep hill. Incredibly, Jerry BACKED HIS RIG UP THE ENTIRE DRIVEWAY!! A very pleasant fellow, he has my highest recommendation. I had always thought that duct cleaning was a needless frill, but after seeing how dirty the ducts were and learning about the health hazards that can come from it (we have 2 fireplace inserts), I can see how important it is to keep them clean.

Michael Nicholson - Silverdale, WA

Jerry thoroughly cleaned the air ducts/vents in each room of our home. This included the entryway, living room, recreation room, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and the dryer vent. He also cleaned the heating unit in the garage and replaced the filter. We found Jerry to be extremely knowledgeable and informative. He took the time to explain each process.His pleasant disposition is an additional asset. We would not hesitate to recommend him to all of our friends and neighbors.

Vernie Watson - Port Orchard, WA